About Us

Saadiqeen means those who tell the truth or in other words, the tellers of truth. Saadiqeen Institute is a non-profit organization. Here at Saadiqeen Institute, the goal is to provide a platform where everyone can play their part in giving global Dawah for Islam. To help both Muslims and Non-Muslims learn about Islam each and every single day.

How Does it Work?

It is a very simple process. Basically, you submit your posts, articles, poems, videos, or whatever other way you would like to give dawah in. After your submission, your content will be reviewed (with reference to the set rules) and will be sent through quality check. It would also be checked for plagiarism and whether it is in accordance with the teachings of Islam or not. After approval, your content would be displayed and would InshAllah reach a large audience. And at the end of the day, you would of course be mentioned and tagged, with links to your profiles etc. Thus, giving you your due recognition and credit.

A suggestion for Creators

Let’s try to teach people about Islam by spreading love and peace. Let’s show others the real beauty of Islam. How Islam teaches us to be just and kind. To be gentle and loving towards others. Let’s do our best to show the real Islam instead to what the media or others portray or think of Islam to be in these days. Let’s share the big and the minute details of Islam which illustrate the care Islam has for all.

You have a suggestion