Rules of Submission

Kindly make sure that your content is in accordance with the following set of rules.

  • Make sure the content is original/unique. Submitting someone else’s content is not allowed.
  • For submissions including Verses of the Holy Quran or Hadiths etc, do provide the appropriate references.
  • Copying directly and exactly from well known books of tafsirs/translations will not be an issue. Such as, footnotes etc.
  • Make sure the images or videos used do not have copyrights.
  • For finding copyright free content, feel free to use websites such as and etc.
  • Any content which promotes hate against other religions and communities is not allowed.
  • Kindly give attribution wherever it is required.

If you require any sort of assistance with your content creation, uploading process, or whether you’re content meets the above rules. Feel free to contact us. We’ll be more than happy to get back to you.