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“While Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was practicing and preaching the teachings of Islam and the Quran to his companions; his companions would report and record the statements, actions, and beliefs of the Prophet. The companions of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him gathered them, and later by scholars who specialized in Hadith. These reports then were collected and known to be called Hadith.

While the acts and practices of the Prophet are called Sunnah. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stands as the sacred model for humanity to emulate and follow, as God sent him as an example of how one should live his or her life.”

[By TheSincereSeeker]

It is important for every Muslim to follow the Hadith and Sunnah of the beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as Allah (SWT) has declared him (PBUH) as an excellent example for us all in the Quran.

As stated in the Quran,

Indeed, in the Messenger of Allah you have an excellent example for whoever has hope in Allah and the Last Day, and remembers Allah often.

Quran, 33:21

Further on, there has been an emphasis many times in the Quran to follow the beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and obey him. This can be indicated by the following verses of the Holy Quran.

Say, [O Muhammad], “If you should love Allah, then follow me, [so] Allah will love you and forgive you your sins. And Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.”

Quran, 3:31

Say, “Obey Allah and obey the Messenger; but if you turn away – then upon him is only that [duty] with which he has been charged, and upon you is that with which you have been charged. And if you obey him, you will be [rightly] guided. And there is not upon the Messenger except the [responsibility for] clear notification.”

Quran, 24:54

O you who have believed, obey Allah and obey the Messenger and do not invalidate your deeds.

Quran, 47:33

……. And whatever the Messenger has given you – take; and what he has forbidden you – refrain from. ………

Quran, 59:7